Q: What is the legal status of the sprites on

A: is a fan site, and all content is for informational purposes only. All sprites and characters on this site are the intellectual property of their respective owners. is not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the games covered on this site. does not claim any rights to the games, characters, or sprites.

Q: May I use these sprites for my {purpose}?

A: does not own the rights to these sprites and therefore is not in any position to authorize others to use them.


Q: How do I save the sprites on your site?

A: To save an image, right-click it and choose "Save Image As." Then choose a location on your hard drive, and click "Save."

Q: I want to save many images, but it is very tedious to right-click each one. Will you send me a ZIP file of your sprites?

A: I have decided not to add ZIP files of my sprites because of the additional bandwidth that would be consumed. (Besides, ZIP files would defeat the purpose of making these nice lay-outs.) Nor will I e-mail ZIP archives to anyone.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, free add-ons like DownThemAll! can save all images on a web page.

If you use Internet Explorer, you can download Picture Ace. This program saves all images on a web page or a whole web site with one command. I recommend the full version, but a free version with limited functionality is also available.

Using your browser's "Save Page As" function may also be an option, since this will store all of the images required to view the page on your hard drive.

Q: Why don't you use sprite sheets instead of individual images?

A: Many sites offer sprite sheets. To be honest, using sprite sheets would make my job a lot easier, since I would not have to process individual images. However, the only way to display animated sprites is with individual images, so that's the format I chose.

Q: How do you get these sprites?

A: There are two methods for obtaining sprites: ripping and capturing. Ripping involves using software to extract images from a ROM. (Most of the time, the sheets of images you get that way are a jumbled mess, and you have to put the sprites together like a jigsaw puzzle.) I primarily use this method to obtain my NES sprites. (This method is tedious for more complex graphics, because the palette has to be configured manually, and when lots of colors are involved, that takes a long time.)

The simpler but more tedious way to get sprites is to capture them by taking screen shots while playing the ROM. Fortunately, most emulators have features that make this a little easier: a screen shot button that automatically saves a screen shot and a way to disable the background graphics (so that you don't have to manually remove the background).

Once I have the images, I double their size -- it makes them easier to see -- and make the backgrounds transparent. I use ReaConverter 5.0 Pro to apply these changes to an entire folder of images with one command (to save time). When I want to animate an image, I use Advanced GIF Animator to put the frames together and set the speed.

Q: I only see the left-facing sprites. Why don't you have any right-facing sprites?

A: The right-facing sprites are a mirror image of the left-facing sprites, so it seems like a waste of space to include them. If you need the sprites to face right, use image editing software to flip them horizontally.

Q: I noticed that there are sprites on your site that you never see during the game. How did you get those?

A: I get these by changing the palette on other sprites that you do see. Most games have several sprites that are identical except for the colors. For example, Duncan in Final Fantasy VI is identical to Banon except for the colors. Although you never see Duncan's battle poses, you see Banon's when he joins your party as a guest. All I did was switch the palette on Banon to make him look like Duncan.


Q: Which game are you working on right now, and when will it be done?

A: I am expanding coverage of Final Fantasy V to include all of the jobs' battle poses, NPCs, and more objects. I have already added the characters and enemies. I still need to add the objects and battle backgrounds.

Q: I would really love it if you covered {game}. Will you?

A: I don't take requests.

Q: Why aren't there more PlayStation sprites?

A: Many PlayStation games do not use sprites, and even when there are sprites, it is rather difficult to capture them. (I tried using PSicture on my discs but didn't have much luck with it.)

Q: Why isn't this site updated more often?

A: I am the only person who works on this site. The most time-consuming part of the process is capturing sprites and animating them, but creating my organized layouts also requires a lot of time.

Q: Do you need help with the site?

A: I have no plans to enlist the services of staff or volunteers.