Video Game Icons for Windows

Windows icons (*.ico) are images that can be used on your Windows desktop, as program icons, or as favicons.

This section contains contains most of my sprites in the Windows icon format. All icons are size 32x32, a standard size for Windows desktops. (I could make them in other sizes to accommodate larger sprites, but Windows has an annoying habit of resizing them on the desktop.)

These files are in ZIP format. If you have trouble opening them, download a shareware copy of WinZip.

Breath of Fire II: 141 icons

Chrono Trigger: 613 icons

Earthbound: 414 icons

Final Fantasy: 230 icons

Final Fantasy III: 287 icons

Final Fantasy IV: 354 icons

Final Fantasy V: 215 icons

Final Fantasy VI: 313 icons

Total Windows icons to date: 2,567.